Humanizing Research

Advocate Market Research brings the voice of the consumer to our clients.

Understand Your Customers

Advocate Market Research began with the idea that the voice of the consumer was paramount in understanding how to reach them. Our offerings include everything from quantitative methodologies, such as surveys, to qualitative methodologies, such as IDIs (In-depth Interviews) or focus groups.

We have further focused our energies on working with clients to engage in an ongoing conversation with key stakeholders, via establishing panels. Not only do panels offer helpful and consistent insight, but they also improve relations and enhance loyalty. 

Regardless of which methodology we utilize, we never waiver from our commitment to help our clients meet their objectives within both their timelines and their budgets.

Our Work

Relationships begin as soon as we are called on for a proposal. Often clients come to us with a problem, a nagging question or simply the desire to build a relationship with key stakeholders. We begin, as we would any relationship, by listening first in order to gather as much information as we can prior to building out a proposal.

A proposal takes into account not only the clients’ objectives, but also timing and budget. It serves no one if we develop a project for $50k when the budget is closer to $15k. As a small business, we appreciate every dollar spent and work to make those dollars make as big of an impact as possible. We find we are often more conscientious than our clients in this regard.

During a project, our clients control their level of involvement. They choose which opportunities or focus groups to sit in on or can simply receive a summary video of the findings with our next step recommendations upon completion. Time is of the essence, and with companies having less and less internal staff, we try to do as much or as little of the heavy lifting as they desire.

It is not uncommon for us to become a temporary arm of their organization to fill in where needed in order to ensure all their questions have been answered.


Advocate takes the time to learn what your key objectives are and what you plan on doing with the findings in order to develop the best plan from start to finish.


Advocate identifies the best methodologies to get your objectives answered in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Advocate manages your project from start to finish. They can do as little or as much as you want to fit your budget while still meeting your objectives head on.


Advocate monitors progress every step of the way, readjusts as necessary, and presents you with actionable results in the end.

Our Founder

About Kalinda Fisher

After earning a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Buffalo and working in the advertising industry, Fisher started Advocate Market Research Bureau in Western New York in 1999.

She enjoyed corporate research, but desired to work independently outside of the boundaries of a large corporation. This allowed Fisher to work from home effectively and start a family placing her in a unique professional position to tackle projects over multiple industries.

A sampling of her diverse client base includes large banks, health insurers, health care providers, race car teams, transportation industries and large, international religious organizations.

The ebbs and flows of life and career took her and her family to Nashville, Tennessee in 2007 where she has been since. Fisher has become a leader in qualitative research, using Advocate as her vehicle. True to her training as a sociologist, she exhibits a passion for ways to truly hear the voices of those she works with.

The Great Reset

Inspired by her passion for hearing ALL voices, Fisher founded the non-profit The Great Reset. 

The Great Reset Community Roundtables is an initiative to bring conversations to your community. It is a gathering of people who want to have open, respectful discussions.

Once a month, participants meet (in-person or virtually) to discuss a topic or idea and hear a variety of perspectives from other participants. These conversations provide a neutral space to listen, share and even disagree, yet walk away enriched, anticipating the next conversation.

Praise for Advocate Market Research

Kalinda has a natural ability to moderate focus groups by using her warmth and passion to make respondents feel at ease. She took the time to learn the subject so she could quickly shift from topic to topic in a meaningful way. She was also instrumental in every aspect leading up to the focus groups, making our work as the client quite seamless. Fantastic to work with, highly recommend!
— Kathleen Grisanti, HealthNow New York Inc.
Accretive has worked with Kalinda on multiple occasions, and we have found her to be a tremendous strategic partner for us. We bring her in for high-priority, delicate market research projects for which we need a thought partner and reliable executor who can drive the entire process. Her deep expertise in market research makes her a great asset in developing research materials and structuring projects. Her remarkable instincts for moderating and facilitating focus groups & similar drive results to a level we would not otherwise be able to attain. She’s also totally reliable, honest, and will bend over backwards to ensure success. Strongly recommend.
— James Rohrbach, (Past) Principal at Accretive
Kalinda’s research and ongoing networking on our behalf have made a profound contribution to our success. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with our customers and to connect them back to us.
— Bill Whitely, Founder and CEO at Tamber Health
I have worked with Kalinda over the past six years and have had a wonderful experience doing business with her. She is highly motivated and driven and always looks after the client’s best interests. She is attentive to detail, efficient and a great communicator. I look forward to working with her in the near future.
— Mike Foust, President, FMR Solutions
“Kalinda is an outstanding market research professional who demonstrates a strong commitment to and enthusiasm for any project she undertakes. She does an excellent job defining the research objectives and identifying the appropriate methodologies to obtain the answers you are searching for. I have worked with her on several quantitative and qualitative research projects in the medical device industry. She quickly grasps the product or service concepts that need to be tested and ensures that she has a clear understanding of them before proceeding with the data collection. I like to say that Kalinda “Gets It” very quickly without a lot of detail information, and will conduct secondary market research to further her understanding of the product and industry, often adding to my own knowledge of the market. She thoroughly reviews all discussion guides and surveys with her clients before going to the field and is flexible in accommodating additional input before and during live focus group sessions. Her personable style allows her to engage participants easily and comfortably and ensures their involvement in and commitment to the research. The reports she provides are complete, with good insight, presentation ready and always on time, even when the timing of client input stretches the limits of the project schedule. I have always enjoyed working with Kalinda and would highly recommend her to manage your next market research project.”
—Teresa Woziak, Gaymar Industries, Curbell Medical
“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Kalinda on several market research projects over the past 6 years. She is an excellent moderator with strong work ethics and a very positive attitude toward work and life. She delivers high quality insightful research reports and will put 100% into every project she works on.
I’ve called her on several occasions just to get her thoughts on various initiatives that I am working on. She is always quick to respond and provides very creative out of the box solutions/ recommendations leveraging a variety of research techniques.
I highly recommend partnering with her for any market research needs.”
— Laura Zurek, M&T Bank
Kalinda is excellent at listening to the clients needs in the area of market research and preparing the most optimal tools to find the information necessary for the client to resolve their marketing issues. She is a pleasure to work with and takes on the responsibility of working on behalf of a client very seriously.
I highly recommend Kalinda to any client that is searching for marketing information for their company.
—Patrick Logue, Dunn Tire
Kalinda is an excellent source for your Market Research needs. She has done several Focus Groups for me and each very successful. She is well organized, detailed oriented and very personable but most of all she gets the information needed in a pleasant, professional manner. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for any of your Market Research or Voice of Customer opportunities.
—June Brennan, Gaymar Industries
I worked with Kalinda for 3 months in 2008 while two of my coworkers were on maternity leave. Prior to that, I worked with her on several market research projects. Kalinda was one of the best focus group moderators I have met. She was very personable and always able to open up discussions with participants in an impressive way. She learned the banking business very quickly and was able to skillfully ask right questions to uncover key issues. Her recommendation of hosting an internal research event for our startegice studies demonstrated her ability to think creatively. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend working with her for your market research needs.
—Peggy Chao, M&T Bank
Kalinda structured a market research project for us that included project design, execution, analysis, and presentation. Every element of the project was done professionally and efficiently. End results were exactly what we were looking for. I highly recommend Kalinda to others looking for market research.
— Frank Beurskens, Shop to Cook
Kalinda was hired on a consultant basis to do several projects for me. She consistently stayed on top of all the details and successfully worked with our suppliers to keep projects moving forward. She was a great partner in discussing the implications of our research findings and was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely hire Kalinda again if the need arose.
— Laura Zoller, ConAgra Foods, MillerCoors
In my first project with Kalinda, I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to make an impact. She asked all the right questions to immerse herself in the business and immediately was able to take over the lead to meet our tight deadlines, and earned my confidence very early on. Recently, I had an opportunity to sneak in a survey with an already scheduled project, but the turnaround was very tight.
I had confidence that we would be able to pull it off with Kalinda leading the project. I was very pleased with how much we were able to pack in a limited number of questions thanks to Kalinda’s clever organization of the questions and word choice. Because she took the time to understand our goals up front, it really saved time in the end because we had very limited number of revisions. And I was also very pleased with the analysis. The visuals were very powerful in illustrating the key findings. And she did a great job of identifying the key insights against our learning objectives.
— Christa Guinn, ConAgra Foods
I have worked with Kalinda on several occasions on various market research projects and have been extremely satisfied with her work each time. Kalinda is not only extremely personable and reliable, she is also an expert in her field of market research. She is able to understand the client’s needs and come up with creative approaches for difficult client needs and projects. She is trustworthy and consistent, and delivers results.
From working with Kalinda on several projects in the past, I know that she is extremely reliable, detail oriented, professional in everything she does, and 100% committed to satisfying her clients. She has vast experience in the field of research and was able to add a great deal of value to all projects she worked on with me. She is a very talented focus group moderator and excellent survey author and able to produce high quality research reports that connect the dots instead of just presenting the plain facts. I would highly recommend Kalinda to anyone looking for a highly qualified research partner.
— Carolin Soldo, M&T Bank
My experiences with Advocate Market Research have been and continue to be outstanding. Kalinda Fisher and team ensure all details are taken care so you have no worries. Kalinda is very detailed oriented and incredibly personable enabling her to get indepth information from those she interviews. Additionally, her interviewees gladly participate in post interviews if necessary. Her reports are concise, informative and in presentation format. She has continued to exceed our expectations in terms of scheduling, recruitment, data collection and insight. She really does take ownership of the project and clearly loves what she does. She will not let you down.
— June Brennan, Gaymar Industries
As someone who has done market research and moderated groups, I consider myself a tough critic of research companies and moderators. That said, I can honestly say that Kalinda is one of the best moderators I’ve had the experience of working with, and the services she provides through Advocate are excellent. Super passionate about her work, from beginning to end, she was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to really understand our needs and budget and worked with us to craft the best research plan, she was able to recruit a rare group of individuals, and when all was said and done, we came in UNDER budget. And most importantly, we gained the insights we needed from the groups – and even from people outside the groups. So passionate about our project, she even chatted with people in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at to gain extra insights. Who does that? Kalinda does. And that’s why I’m recommending her, and look forward to working with her in the future.
— Lauren Liao, Accretive LLC, Chobani
Kalinda is an excellent focus group moderator and research partner.  I have found it to be a pleasure working with her on numerous projects, mainly because she is so knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Kalinda makes sure she understands our research objectives, and she has the unique skills required to properly moderate the group dynamic so that everyone’s opinion is heard, and our objectives are met. We have consistently been very pleased with the results of each project.   Kalinda always does a fantastic job, and I will continue to recommend her to my colleagues.
— Jake Thal, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
As Manager for a large project for the Seneca Nation of Indians Health Department, I knew it was imperative to hire a company that exhibited cultural sensitivity and lack of bias toward the population we were representing. After reviewing both our needs and our hurdles, Advocate Market Research Bureau suggested and held several Focus Groups in demographic areas to which we had no access. By opening those doors and viewpoints to us, the information we desperately needed to move forward in our projects was revealed, compiled, and reviewed for us by AMRB. The company was pivotal to the success of this project.
— Seneca Nation of Indians

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